One of our latest jobs

This page features our most current job. It's an exciting project! This page and the other job gallery pages enable you to gain an insight into the work Clybucca Earthmoving has been involved in. To see more pictures of  completed jobs click on the links below.
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Piling work at Harwood for the new Pacific Highway extension by passing Grafton

Clybucca Earthmoving is working closely with Brady Marine & Civil to complete all the works associated with the piling process .
Our involvement begins right at the start of piling and we will be on site until the job is completed. 
Each of the piles you see in the above pictures weight 80 tons requiring a 300 ton crane to lift them into position. They are then 'hammered' into the river bed using a Piling Hammer Crane weighing 400 tons with the hammer (the red item you see in the pictures above) itself weighing a massive 150 tons.
Here you can see how the Fly Drill handles the river mud once it is removed from piles. A fascinating insight in the process which is very precise and completed to ensure the material is dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner.  Our work involves removing this mud to a site where it can be treated in accordance with requirements.
In these picture you can
see the Fly Drill unloading the mud from the river bed into the skips. These skips are then collected by Clybucca Earthmoving for moving to another location.
In the pictures below you can see Clybucca Earthmoving's involvement in this stage of the work. Our team member collects the skips full of the contaminated mud taking them to the designated 'soil pile'. This soil pile is a hole, 70m x 40m x 1.5m deep, which is bunded to prevent leakage. Here we offload the contaminated soil readyfor treatment with lime. It can then safely carted off site.