We have a wide range of equipment enabling us to use the right tool for the job. This ensures the work undertaken is completed in a timely fashion and that you end up with exactly the finish you want.

The range of equipment we have means that we are able to undertake jobs that our competitors can't. Our extensive skill set is what sets us apart from our competitors!
Pictured here is our Hydraulic Rock Hammer capable of smashing through any rocky area.
The Auger powerhead is pictured on the left
We have both a 2m Auger and a 900mm Auger enabling us to bore holes to suit a variety of requirements.
With this 13m Auger extension we can bore deeply if needed. 
With the equipment pictured above we can bore holes from 100mm wide up to 2 metres. If you need postholes, piers, power pole holes bored  or anything of a similar nature we're the peple to call. 
   In addition, we also have a DiggAlign System to ensure that we bore perfectly straight holes.